|HER|: What Men Need…

I’m sure I’ll receive flack from some of my female readers for this post but I truly believe I can’t expect my man to do for me if I’m not trying to do for him too.  Below are four things I personally think every man needs.  None of it is a secret but women we get so caught up in our daily activity … [Read More...]

|HER|: Men Who Love Women Get No Love…

Women on Twitter were heated yesterday regarding comments @Slimthugga made about black women on vibe.com. The comments were off base but nothing we haven't already heard plenty of times before black women are gold diggers, black women don't cater to their man, black women are argumentative and THAT … [Read More...]

|HER|: Love is NOT Scarce

To My Beautiful, Wonderful Sisters, I repeat – Love is NOT scarce. I’ve heard it too many times, women age like dogs or as one of the personalities on the HIS&HERS Show has said (I’ll let you guess which one), “as a woman, the older you get the less likely it is for you to ever marry. … [Read More...]

|Video|: Love vs Money Part II

Here is the conclusion to Love vs Money Part I - Does Money really matter? Or can Love truly conquer all? I think you'll be surprised at what everyone had to say. Watch Love vs Money Part II … [Read More...]

|HER|: Every Couple Should Try This Threesome…

A few years ago, I remember asking my grandfather what advice he had to making a marriage last as long as his and my grandmother's.  They had just celebrated their 50th anniversary and we were sitting alone in their living room having granddaugher and granddaddy time. He gave me three keys, in … [Read More...]

|PoP|: Online Love Affair

Hey Tammi Lorraine, I met this guy online and we've been talking for a few months. It seems as if we have a good connection and he has been suggesting that we meet face to face to see if something jumps off. I'm wondering if it is even possible to spark a meaningful relationship off of a social … [Read More...]

|HER|: How Soon is Too Soon…

As celebrities play out one failed relationship after another, I ask myself - how soon is too soon after a break-up to be bunned up again? Soon after J.Lo's separation from Marc Anthony was announced she was linked with Bradley Cooper. Three divorces and two highly publicized relationships you'd … [Read More...]

|PoP|: Football is taking over our relationship…

Dear Tammi Lorraine, My boyfriend is a football fanatic and always wants to have people over on weekends or be at his friend’s house or at a bar. It’s so annoying because my work and school schedule is crazy and the only days we can actually spend together are the weekends. I try to tell him how … [Read More...]

|Video|: B!tches Be Winning…

I was watching Bridezillas the other night with my sisters and couldn't figure out how these women were actually getting married.  Your wedding day is a day that you want to go perfectly but these women make everyone around them go crazy.  Today's HIS&HERS episode is why are guys so attracted to … [Read More...]

|HER|: You catch him cheating; who should you check? Him or Her?

I've never had someone's girlfriend or wife approach me about talking to their man before; so when I had the following email exchange with one of the guys I've been chatting with girlfriend you can imagine my surprise. This brings up the age old question do you check your man or the other … [Read More...]

|HER|: Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy, Thank you! Words honestly will never be able to express how much love and adoration I have for you, but I strive to show you through my actions daily. I haven't always made the best decisions, but to know I can always run into your arms for comfort after I've fallen and you'll give … [Read More...]

|Video|: Love vs Money Part I

Statistics show one of the leading cause for divorce is financial problems. So why would a person date or marry someone who they know doesn't have money or can't handle their money right? On today's HIS&HERS Episode, I brought a few people together to discuss this topic: Does Money really … [Read More...]

|HER|: If He Knows Why Wouldn’t He Marry Her

VH1 debuted their new romantic comedy series “Single Ladies”, with Stacey Dash and LisaRaye McCoy on Monday, May 30th. An obvious mix of "Girlfriends" and "Sex in the City", this drama filled two hour premiere seemed more like a movie than a new series, but I have to admit it is a wonderful break … [Read More...]