|HIS&HERS 031|: Cougars and Dirty Old Men

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Today’s topic is about Cougars and Dirty Old Men. My mom told me I should date an older man. Although I turned my nose at the idea at first, in this economy an older, wiser, financially secure man doesn’t seem like a bad plan. Older men know what they want right? And should already have their lives affairs in order true? A Cougar or older woman is more emotionally sound and stable. Why wouldn’t we want to date and older, more mature person? Listen to the show and let us know what you think. Would you date a Cougar or a Suga’ Daddy? Shoot I’m considering it.

Tammi Lorraine

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  1. In my experience, older does not necessarily mean wiser and definitely not more financially stable. I’m 28, have dated men my age and men 10-15 years older. The older ones have been just a confused as the young ones. The older ones that have never been married are the worst, because they’re not looking to be caught and will always be the D.O.M. you see at the club. If you’re just looking for someone to throw a little money at you, take you on trips, or pay your rent, lol, a Sugar Daddy is definitely the way to go.

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  2. bengemin says:

    for the first time, i must admit…i agree with tone 100%

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  3. I think suga daddys aka dirty old men are gross..lol im 23 and have never been attracted to old men period..I mean ima need someone to keep up with me mentally and physically ya heard? cant have no gerital taking , denture wearing man trna be with me ….there is plenty of stable established men within my preffered (sp) age range that is suitable for dating. The oldest man i dated was 7 years older than me , and thats the oldest ill ever go…so i say no to sugga daddy’s

    my .2 cents

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  4. Talicia LMAO @ “no gerital taking, denture wearing” <— I feel you though… & @DynamicDiva42 you are so right D.O.M. can also be just as confused and unestablished as guys our age…The question is when do they REALLY grow up?

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  5. Good show…Tone actually made sense for the first time:). Age really is nothing but a number because age does not equal maturity. Hopefully maturity comes with age and with that you realize you can’t change anyone. You accept people for who they are and love them as they are. That being said, different strokes for different folks…Love is love!

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